Chile- Music and Cuisine


Chile’s musical background really speaks for the diversity and richness of its culture, and all the influences that have affected it through out time. The national dance of Chile is known as the “Cueca”, which tells the story of a man and a woman falling in love with one another. Many instruments may accompany the dance and typically an audiences rhythmic clapping is done along with. The technique to how the Cueca is actually performed varies among different regions throughout the country. The genre of music typically associated with Chile is known as the Tonada, which is a very unique melodic type of music not typically done with a dance. Towards the late 90’s folk music became very popular through out Chile, and it gave a different way for the people to voice their hardships and struggles. Through folk music chileans performed musical speeches and political activism. The unique style of Chilean music is typically performed with a classical guitar or a charango, which is similar to a ukulele. Today Chilean music has adapted and changed to the fast growing pop music culture. For example, Cumbia has been a knew popular genre on the uprise which can be commonly heard playing in the clubs and nightlife of the country.




Due to the many unique climates and landscapes of the long stretched country, Chile has a very widespread range of food and drink. The cuisine came about from the traditional native culture and also from Spanish and other foreign influences. Perhaps one of the most influential coming from France and the now “criollo” culinary style found in Chilean cooking. Also, its not uncommon for Chilean people to take tea breaks through out their days, most likely stemming from past British impacts. Chilean dishes are frequently eaten with a wine or a Chilean pisco, a yellowish colored brandy. Chile is world famous for their fine wines and many vineyards, that can be found all over the landscape. Chile is home to many fruit-forward and herb based wines, that are exported all around the globe. Also, due to the extensive coastline found in Chile the country is well known for many seafood dishes like curanto, cazuela, and calidillo de congrio. The combination of a wide range landscape, strong indigenous background, and years of immigration has shaped the Chilean cuisine into what it is today.







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